Jem Collectibles and Precious Metals

We want to be YOUR precious metals dealer! Our knowledgeable staff has years of market experience, and can offer the type of hands-on support that you need to get ahead. Thanks to valued clients, and the best support staff in the industry, we have truly become an unstoppable force in the precious metals market. Please feel free to call for a free consultation, and customized support to best suit your need for tangible assets.

Coin collecting is a view of history. US Coins, World Coins, Ancient Coins, US Currency, World Currency, they all see the world at a different times. State quarters, the Jefferson nickel reissue celebrating the expansion of our country through the eyes of Lewis & Clark are the most obvious of the history of US Coins today. Gold coins, silver coins; whether a circulated or a proof coin, all serve to give us historical insight. We understand the pleasure in coin collecting, and we have the coin collecting supplies to enhance the presentation of your collection and preserve it.

We're a full service Coin & Currency dealership. We also do appraisals of US Coins, US Notes, and old paper money. We buy all coins from AG to Proof conditions. If you have a pile of stuff or a single rarity, try us!

Take a look at our offerings, they're always changing so if it's not there today it may be there tomorrow. Our prices are competitive and are based on standard industry publications that are available to the general coin collecting public.